Peter Just

Peter Just

Professor of Anthropology

Hollander Hall Rm 325


B.A. University of Chicago (1972)
M.A. University of Pennsylvania (1979)
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania, Anthropology (1986)

Areas of Expertise


  • Law and dispute settlement
  • Religion and magic
  • Cross-cultural study of personality and emotions
  • Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia


ANTH 234 / WGSS 234

Masculinities (not offered 2020/21)

ANTH 240

Work as a Cultural System
(not offered 2020/21)

ANTH 328 T

Emotions and the Self
(not offered 2020/21)

ANTH 331

Witchcraft, Sorcery, and Magic (not offered 2020/21)

ANTH 340

Artisan and Connoisseur (not offered 2020/21)

ANTH 391 / INTR 391

Insurgencies: Revolts, Revolutions, Wars of National Liberation, and Jihads (not offered 2020/21)

Scholarship/Creative Work


  • “Dead Goats and Broken Betrothals: Liability and Equity in Dou Donggo Law.”American Ethnologist 17: 75-90, 1990. Oxford University Press, 1988
  • “History, Power, Ideology, and Culture: Current Directions in the Anthropology of Law.” Law and Society Review 26 (2): 373-411, 1992
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford University Press, 2000, co-authored with John D. Monaghan
  • Dou Donggo Justice: Conflict & Morality in an Indonesian Society. Rowman & Littlefield, 2001
  • “Law, Ritual and Order.” In K. von Benda-Beckmann and F. Pirie, eds., Order and Disorder: Anthropological Perspectives, Berghahn Books, 2007