Marketa Rulikova

Photo of Marketa Rulikova

Areas of Expertise

  • institutional change in post-communist Europe
  • global migration
  • urban studies
  • social stratification
  • material culture and consumer society

Scholarship/Creative Work

  • Marketa Rulikova. 2020. “’I would Never Wear Those Old Clodhoppers!’: Age Differences Over Used Clothing Consumption in the Czech Republic”. Journal of Consumer Culture. Vol. 20 (2): 175-193. First published December 2, 2019.
  • Marketa Rulikova. 2015. “Irregular Migrant Domestic Workers in Europe: Who Cares?” by Anna Triandafyllidou. ed.” January 2015. Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews. Volume 44. No 1. (book review)
  • Marketa Rulikova. 2014. “Sales Tours or How Czech Seniors Learned to Love Capitalism”. In Mathur, Nita. Ed. Consumer Culture, Modernity and Identity. SAGE Publications.
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  • Marketa Rulikova. Responses to the Economic Crisis among Immigrants in the Czech Republic: Impeding and Inhibiting Factors for Staying. Comparative Population Studies, [S.l.], v. 37, n. 1-2, oct. 2012. ISSN 1869-8999. Available at: <>
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  • Markéta Rulíková. 2000. “The Position of the Czech and Slovak Political Representatives on the Integration into the EU,” Slovo, Special Issue: Between the Bloc and the Hard Place: Moving towards Europe in Post-Communist States? University College London: School of
    Slavonic and East European Studies.
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