Antonia Foias

Chair and Professor of Anthropology
Hollander Hall Rm 309


B.A. Harvard University (1987)
Ph.D. Vanderbilt University, Anthropology (1996)

Areas of Expertise


  • Archaeology
  • Cultural evolution
  • Ceramic analysis
  • Pottery producion and exchange
  • Archaeometry
  • Mesoamerica & South America, especially Maya


Note: courses in gray are not offered this academic year.

ANTH 103

Pyramids, Bones, and Sherds: What is Archaeology?

ANTH 214 / ENVI 224

The Rise and Fall of Civilizations

ANTH 216 T / GBST 216(S)

Urbanism in the Ancient World

ANTH 219 / ARTH 209

The Art and Archeology of Maya Civilization: A Marriage Made in Xibalba

ARTH 281 / REL 280 / ANTH 281(F)

The Seeds of Divinity: Exploring Precolumbian Art & Civilization in a Museum Exhibit

ANTH 324

Empires of Antiquity

ANSO 402(S)

Senior Seminar

Scholarship/Creative Work

Website, Motul de San José Archaeological Project
Reseach opportunities for Williams students


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