Letters From the Field

So many of our graduates are doing interesting things that the department has inaugurated a feature called “Letters from the Field” in which we hear from former majors about recent experiences that draw on their training in anthropology or sociology. If you are interested in submitting a Letter from the Field, please contact us!

Sam Jeong ’14

Jarred by Sam Jeong ’14 In the dark, 79 pairs of eyes stare at the screen ahead. My In-Depth Reporting class at Fudan University in Shanghai is watching a documentary film titled, “Internet’s Own Boy.” The film follows the life of Aaron Swartz, the founder of Reddit who… Continue reading »

Matthew Crimp ’12

 Addressing Wellness, Not Illness, in Community Health By Matthew Crimp ‘12 Sickness is more a product of social forces than biological ones. Like any good idealistic college senior (especially one with a sociology degree), I left Williams in the spring of 2012 with convictions such as these,… Continue reading »