The Anthropology & Sociology program is designed to promote an integrated understanding of biography, history, culture, and human social dynamics. Anthropology explores the full range of human experience by introducing students to the study of tribal and peasant societies, including prehistoric ones, and to the complexities of stratified industrial societies such as our own. Sociology studies the intricacies of industrial and post-industrial societies and the dilemmas that confront the individual in  modern social systems. Both disciplines introduce students to classical and contemporary theories that illuminate the contours and contradictions of social experience.

The Department emphasizes fieldwork in its many forms and actively seeks opportunities for majors to experience fieldwork first-hand during a semester of study abroad or during the Winter Study Period and summer vacation.  Most senior theses in the department are based on some first-hand field research complemented by library resources.

Undergraduate training in Anthropology or Sociology has proven invaluable to majors pursuing a range of careers, including public policy, diplomacy, international development, marketing, K-12 education, medicine, and law.

Maya Motul

Prof. Antonia Foias and the project crew of Williams and Guatemalan students at the site of Motul de San Jose, Summer 2013. More »

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The Anthropology & Sociology program at Williams is noted for its commitment to interpretive and humanistic research and fieldwork. Recent projects range from a documentary film... More »

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Prof. Michael Brown joined Williams alumni on a pilgrimage to the burial site of James Orton More »

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